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Our Story

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The seeds for this foundation were first planted at the Global Peace Works conference in Delhi India in 2002 when Titus Nirmal Kumar first shared his dream to lead a church with his new friend Pastor Chad Johnson.   


On December 26, 2004 a deadly tsunami struck Sri Lanka and the south east coast of India.  Concerned for his friend, Pastor Chad reached out to Titus to check on his well being.  During their discussion Titus shared the predicament of some local fishing villages who lost their nets to the tsunami.  The wave experienced by these villagers was about 10 feet high, but when many live at bare subsistence levels in palm frond huts close to the beach, this wave was truly devastating.  Pastor Chad brought this story to his congregation at Abiding Hope church in Littleton CO.   Like many churches, Abiding Hope raised money for tsunami relief, but instead of sending the funds to an international relief organization, they purchased and shipped fishing nets directly to Titus in India.  The villagers received the nets and were able maintain their livelihoods while recovering from the tsunami.


This response to the tsunami set into motion a series of events culminating in a grant from Abiding Hope in Littleton to build a church in Nellore under the direction of Pastor Titus.  In October 2006 the church was dedicated by Pastor Chad Johnson and David Jenks, who travelled to Nellore from Colorado for the event.  During their trip to Nellore, the duo visited the villages that received the fishing nets.  As their cars entered the village, they did not see any people, but by the time the cars stopped and they had exited, they were surrounded by people.  David was dumbstruck when person after person knelt at his feet and placed their foreheads on his feet. David  remembers “Never in my life had I been so undeservedly honored.  Like most of our congregation, I made a modest donation, but nothing deserving of this kind of love and recognition.  It made me wonder what it would be like to actually be worthy of, and deserving of, such an outpouring of love.

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