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What it is like to visit India

My trip to India in the Fall of 2018 was perhaps the most inspirational trip I have ever taken. It was truly “transformational” travel.

I was particularly moved by how Abiding Hope India, through its “sewing center” and similar activities, is preparing residents in the area to support themselves and their families financially. Other activities I participated in included supplying blankets to local families (It can get colder in Southern India than you might expect!) and providing food staples to families with AIDS-infected children. The excited welcome I experienced from all of the people of Abiding Hope India, children and adults alike, really touched me.

Pastor Titus is a genuinely good man, and the work he is doing is very important. That is particularly true in a time like this, when the world is experiencing a health-care crisis the likes of which none of us have experienced in our lifetime. 

  • Michael Dubetz

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